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Squirrel Capture
and Removal

At Abolish we are an environmentally caring company. We do not harm any animals. This Coyote was removed and released to a more suitable location.

Coyotes are becoming more present in suburban areas. Coyotes are one of the wildlife animals that have adjusted and benefited from human presence. Without properly defending against Coyotes, one leaves their pets and safety at risk. While Coyotes are wild animals, those that are feed by humans lose their natural fear people and may confront one. Attacks are rare but ignoring the risks is dangerous.

Nuisance and Control

Proofing against Coyotes is easy with or without a high fence. The best way to keep Coyotes away from neighborhood or home is to deny any food source. Follow these steps to keep Coyotes away:

Keep small pets indoors at night
Don't leave pet food out at night
Make sure trash can lids are secure
Make sure you or your neighbors do not feed Coyotes
Don't leave fruit dropped from trees on the ground

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