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Squirrel Capture
and Removal

At Abolish we are an environmentally caring company. We do not harm any animals.


Our technicians will leave Live-Traps and return to remove the Squirrel as soon as the squirrel has been reported.

Abolish humanely trapped this Squirrel without harming him and later released him in a remote area alongside a river.

Nuisance and Control

Squirrels are known to be clever and persistent animals. They tend to eat out of bird feeders, dig in potted plants to bury or recover seeds. Squirrels like to use sheltered areas such as attics or the interior of walls to use as home. This could be a problem as squirrel's teeth grow continuously and need to constantly chew to wear down their teeth. At times they may use an electrical cord to chew on which inevitably leads to a smoky squirrel or an electrical fire. The best solution is to prevent and trap the squirrel if they are occupying your attic. Especially in areas with a heavy population of squirrels it is recommended to squirrel proof any possible entrances. Even if all entrances have been completely squirrel proofed, squirrels can find weak points and chew their way in. Abolish has a lot of experience in proofing and trapping squirrels. We have seen many situations where the homeowner or a pest control company have tried to squirrel proof but failed. Many times methods such as Ultra sonic sound devices, fake owls, or scaring methods are used but they only work temporarily-the animal adjusts to it and ignores it. The best way is to trap and proof-our way. *** WE DO NOT TRAP SQUIRRELS THAT ARE RUNNING ACROSS THE YARD, OR ON YOUR FENCE. ONLY SQUIRRELS THAT ARE ACTUALLY INSIDE YOUR HOME***

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