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  Snake Control Services    

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Snake Control


Abolish technicians are well equipped and trained in the art of catching snakes. Our technicians are trained to identify, track, and remove various types of snakes especially rattlesnakes. Before our snake technicians are allowed to go into the field to remove rattlesnakes they are trained by our Senior Technicians with live rattlesnakes. They are taught the proper and safe way to remove rattlesnakes in all types of situations. We use professional tools to keep both the technician and customerís safe. Simply trapping or catching a snake is only part of the expertise of our Snake Control technicians.

Abolish's snake proof fencing will help in keeping snakes out of your yard. Once snakes are caught we release them into a more suitable area away from human presence. The technicians are also trained how to properly install and proof fences to keep snakes out of your yard. They are trained in various categories of fencing. This includes but is not limited to wrought iron fences, wood fences, chain link fences, woven wire fences, vinyl fences, and many more. View our image gallery of snake proof fencing

Control Method :
The most efficient ways to exclude snakes, is by properly fencing the perimeter off. To properly exclude snakes from your yard you must use a maximum of 1/4 inch hardware cloth. The use of anything larger than 1/4 inch hardware cloth will not be efficient enough to keep juvenile snakes out of your yard. The depth the fencing goes into the ground depends on the type of yard, fencing and other possible pest problem surrounding your area. For any questions you may have or to schedule an inspection to have snake fence installed please call 877-4Abolish. 877-422-6547. Our technicians are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Removal Method :
When it comes to removing snakes safety is the first step in the removal process. In order to keep everyone safe Abolish uses professional equipment and tools. This procedure is used whether the snake is venomous or not. If when we arrive the snake is not visible the removal then becomes a snake property inspection. We search the entire property for the snake. If we do not find the snake we may offer to set snake traps that will help lure the snake into the trap if its still in the area. During the property inspection we also may recommend snake proofing services available for your home. To prevent a removal from turning into a property inspection keep an eye on the snake until we get there.

Here at Abolish Pest Control we pride ourselves in being the best company. We take the time to study the abilities of all species of snakes in California. The picture on the left is a test we did with a 2 1/2 ft rattlesnake. We installed a 1ft 4in piece of snake fence inside his aquarium to see how the snake would react. The snake went over the top of the fencing. From this we have developed a technique we use with snake fence to prevent this from occurring. No other company installs snake fencing with this option. They may try to copy the technique but it may not successfully duplicate the technique. Are constant observation of how snakes adapt and what they will do to get to where they want makes us different from other companies.


About Snakes :

There are many different snake species throughout Southern California; some are more dangerous than others. The more common snakes in Southern California are the, California Kingsnake, California Mountain Kingsnake, Coach whip aka Red Racer, Gopher snake, Garter snake and a variety of rattlesnakes (including the Mojave Green Rattlesnake). The Mojave Green Rattlesnake is the most dangerous of all rattlesnakes in California. The reason the Mojave Green Rattlesnake is more dangerous than other rattlesnake is because its venom is composed of both hemotoxin and neurotoxin. Unlike other rattlesnakes that only carry hemotoxin venom(which deteriorates muscle tissue only) the Mojave Green Rattlesnakes venom also affects the nervous system causing difficulty to breath and paralysis. Snakes in California are most active in the spring and summer time. Because California weather is known to be "warm" during the fall and winter it is possible to see snakes on hot days during fall and winter. Rattlesnakes are known to be active in the morning and night. They usually seek shelter during the hottest times of the day between 1pm-4pm. If you live in a snake prone area always be aware of your surroundings and possibility of encountering a snake.

for more information on identifiying snakes, go to .

Frequently Asked Questions About Snakes :

Q: Are baby rattlesnakes more dangerous than adult rattlesnakes?
A: This is the most common question asked. There are a lot of different opinions regarding this question. In our opinion we believe juvenile rattlesnakes can be more dangerous than adult rattlesnakes for the following reasons: juvenile rattlesnakes are harder to see than adult rattlesnakes. Juvenile rattlesnakes do not know how to control the dosage of venom they inject into a prey or innocent bystander. The rattle on a juvenile rattlesnake is harder to hear than an adult rattlesnake. Weighing these factors into perspective we believe that a juvenile rattlesnake can be more dangerous than an adult rattlesnake. View the picture of the juvenile Mojave Green in our snake removal gallery. Take notice that his head is smaller than a size of a penny.

Q: How do I identify a venomous snake?
A: The only venomous snakes in California are rattlesnakes. The easiest way is to have a professional do it, however, if you can see it from a safe distance the number one identifier is a rattle. Sometimes you may come across rattlesnakes without rattles. Next is the shape of its head. Rattlesnakes have a triangular shaped head. Never pick up a snake to identify it. If you can take a picture of it and send it to us we may be able to identify it for you. NEVER PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER WHEN IT COMES TO SNAKES ITS NOT WORTH RISKING YOUR LIFE OVER. HAVE A PROFESSIONAL COME OUT AND TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU.

Q: What do I do if I happen to encounter a snake?
A: Never approach the snake, especially if you can not identify the snake. Stay a safe distance away from the snake. A rattlesnake most likely is going to coil up and stand its ground while other snakes will slither away. This is not always the case but 95% of the time this is how the snakes will react. You should call a professional to remove the snake.

Q: When are snakes most active?
A: Snakes are most active during Spring to Fall. In California rattlesnakes are year round in some counties. During the hottest times of the day 1pm-4pm snakes usually seek shelter from the heat. We have captured Mojave Green Rattlesnakes in Kern County as late as 8:00pm. In California you can not think because its 60 degrees outside there isnít a snake nearby. We have respond to many snake calls during various temperatures, times of day and time of year. If you live in a snake prone area always be aware of your surroundings and possibility of encountering a snake.

Q: Do snake repellants work?
A: This is a great question. Not all snake repellants work 100%, however, they do help to deter snakes from traveling onto your property. When a snake feels threatened or nervous it will travel over whatever it has to in order to get out of harms way and feel safe. When a snake is in cruise mode just slithering around your property it will more in likely prefer not to travel over the snake repellant. Here is a great example, if you were being chased by a lion and you had the choice to either take the long way and be eaten or jump over a barb wire fence and be safe you would probably jump the barb wire fence. If you wouldnít jump the barb wire fence when being chased by a lion it was nice knowing you. Just kidding. Now if you were not being chased by a lion you would probably take the long way and not bother with the barb wire fence. This is the easiest way to explain how a repellant works. Another major factor for why snake repellants do not 100% work is because they are not properly applied.

Q: How much is it to install snake fence?
A: We get this question all the time. Every snake fence install is different. It is unrealistic to give you a certain price over the phone. There are many different variables that affect the pricing:
-The type of fence we install the snake fencing onto.
-The depth we install the fence.
-The height of the fence.
-If there is bushes or any kind of vegetation that is along the fence that needs to be trimmed.

We do not tell you a certain price over the phone and then when we get there just surprise attack you with an increase in price. To be as fair as possible we come out do an inspection and give you our expert opinion on the best possible ways to control snakes for your specific property. To give you a very broad price range to have snake fence installed can cost as little as $3 a foot and as expensive as $22 a foot plus the cost of materials. Over 30 years of experience and personally studying snake behavior we have become like scientist to prevent snakes from coming into your yard.

For all other questions regarding snakes or snake services please call our office at 877-4ABOLISH(422-6547), visit our contact page, or send us an email



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