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Thinking about selling your house?

Did you know that most home inspections are not licensed to inspect for Rodents or other infestations?

"The problem with Home inspections is all they check for is the integrity of the home, structural imperfections and problems etc. The problem with termite inspectors is they only cover termites. Our Inspections covers rodents, birds, bees, insects, or any other number of household pests."

-Abolish Technician


A common problem is after buying a brand new home it is later discovered to have a rat infested attic. Don't let this happen to you. Years of Rat Attic Infestation requires a costly decontamination service from any company. Again, we offer most services companies dont and are not certified for.

Most Abolish Jobs Start As An Inspection

Unfortunately not many jobs/projects can be estimated over the phone. When and if we can do it over the phone, it is a free estimate. But for us to send a technician out and inspect/evaluate the problem we do charge a fee. Once our inspection/evaluation is complete we offer our recommendations/solutions for the problem. If and when you decide to use our services, the inspection fee is deducted from the total. Often times we might be able to assist you Via email provided you answer key questions. If you are out of our normal service area we may be able to assist you via email.

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