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Dead Animal removal


trevor and dead animal
Whether it's in your wall, attic, basement, or under your house; if it's dead we will find it and remove it. Abolish Pest Control technicians are experienced professionals who have learned to identify and isolate the location of dead animals. Although not an easy task we accept the challenge. As dirty as it may be we do our best to get your dead animal out. After all, ridding your home of bad odor is our concern. A keen sense of smell and structural knowledge of your home helps in identifying where the carcass hides.

Please call your local Animal Control Department for any roadkill pickup needed.
We do not pickup roadkill off the sidewalk or streets. We also do not pick up and remove any domestic pets.

Steps to Removing the Dead Animal
Our Search is thorough and we always find the source of the stench. If the dead animal is in a hard to reach place, it may require cutting through walls. Leaving a dead animal in a hard to reach place is not a favorable option so we try our best to remove it.
under house
Our Technicians crawl under houses, crawlspaces, attics, and any other undesirable places to find the dead animal. In order to find the dead animal you must go where they go.
dead animal removal from attic
Once the Dead Animal has been removed we decontaminate the area the dead animal was found. Also determining how the animal got there in the first place is essential to prevent any future infestations or dead animals in your home.
dead animal removal from basement
After removal, decontamination, and deoderization, we move on to the next house or building in need of removal. Every day technicians are crawling and sniffing under houses or attics in search of the dead animals. It is almost as if we enjoy it.



  • A dead animal in your home, wall or in any structure will turn into a very unpleasant odor
  • A dead animal leaves an unpleasant odor and all its parasites, all of which end up in your home.
  • Once the animal begins to decompose, you may find larva (maggots) roaming your house fully fed and ready to turn into flies.
  • Leaving carcasses behind your walls or under your home may pose a health hazard. The fleas and ticks left behind will look for a new host and may transmit disease.

What we do:

  • Rid your home or structure of the dead animal.
  • Disinfect and neutralize the infested area.
  • Rid the infested area of foul odor.
  • Determine how it wound up where it did and why it died.
  • Search for possible entry points and seal them off to prevent future infestation.

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