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Junk, Clutter, Trash, and Waste Removal

We focus our services on rodent control issues. Clutter and waste is associated with rodent and insect infestation.

-Servicing LA and Ventura Counties.


Top reasons rodents, animals, and insects choose your home.

1 Clutter
2 Overgrown vegetation
3 Food source

There are many reasons why rodents choose your home as their own. Yet, the number one contribution to rodents is clutter. Sanitation is an important step in reducing the rodent population. Creating a clutter free environment is a vital first step. Getting rid of clutter from around your home as well as from inside is a must. You can reduce up to 50% of rodent activity from your property by making it clutter free. Let us de-clutter your home and rid yourself of rodents and clutter.

We have all heard of a pack rat (i.e. a rat that collects things) but in actuality the human's clutter attracts rats-- rat pack. 90% of clutter contributes to rodent activity. As part of our complete rodent and pest control service we offer junk removal. The removal of unwanted items such as furniture, boxes, tree trimmings and other clutter is a prefect home and mating ground for insects and rodents. After removing any trash from an attic, basement, room, or garage, we proceed with our pest control service. If you would simply like to remove any unwanted items we would be glad to do so. We do all the labor and removal!
Steps to Junk Removal
  Making a list and checking it twice; what's on the list are things that you want to keep. If it is not on the list it is junk and out the junk goes. Please be sure to note if there are any unforeseen hazards within the clutter.  
Check the top of boxes for feces and looking for any chew marks in boxes or material. Finding any would indicate a rodent infestation. Check boxes for spider or other insects. Checking your clutter may reveal who has been invading your home.

Once the clutter is gone we can do a thorough inspection for rodent infestation. As we all know, clutter is perfect harborage for rodents and insects. Once it is all gone, Abolish technicians check the premises for any potential entrances or possible nesting areas.

Our technicians will haul any unwanted junk.

Most rodents and animal pests can be found in attics, basements, and garages. These are perfect storage areas of unwanted junk and perfect nesting areas for animals. Accumulation of junk can mean an accumulation of pests.

We do:

Attic, Basement, and Garage cleanouts. After any clean out please consider pest proofing and removal.

If items don't appear on any of the lists please check with us.

Junk we remove :

  • mattresses
  • furniture
  • boxes, cardboard
  • metal
  • yard trimmings
  • plastic
  • appliances
  • wood
  • glass
  • pest feces
  • insulation
  • clothing

Junk we cannot remove :

  • tires
  • monitors
  • sand, gravel, soil
  • paint
  • chemicals
  • propane tanks
  • aerosol cans
  • flammable liquids
  • styrofoam

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